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eMax LV

The eMax-based LV applicator, an integrated laser and IPL beauty device developed by Syneron, targets vascular lesions. It improves telangiectasia on the face and other parts, and superficial varicose veins on the lower extremities, which cannot be treated with normal IPL treatment. Using Syneron's proprietary eLos technology, diode laser energy and radio frequency RF energy work in synergy to selectively denature abnormal vascular tissue, both internally and externally. The degenerated abnormal blood vessels are atrophied, destroyed, and decomposed and absorbed by the action of blood cells gathered locally, gradually becoming less noticeable. The skin's normal repair mechanism restores the natural appearance of the skin.


LV targets telangiectasia, vascular spiders, and varicose veins up to 4 mm in diameter. Since the cooling head attached to the LV applicator works, the pain associated with the treatment is minimal and the skin feels like a rubber band. For small lesions, a single treatment is usually sufficient, but for large hemangiomas, several treatments are required, with intervals of 4 weeks, and varicose veins, with intervals of 6 to 8 weeks. sometimes. eMax LV is a very safe treatment.

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