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U225 mesotherapy

U225 Mesogun is the latest high quality medical device developed to facilitate intradermal injection based on French aviation industry technology. It is possible to finely inject beauty ingredients into the skin, and you can expect beautiful skin effects such as tightening pores, improving fine wrinkles, and restoring skin tension. Depending on the injection site, a certain amount of drug can be uniformly injected into the optimal layer of the skin, so it can be injected not only into the face for beautiful skin and anti-aging treatment, but also into the scalp. This hair growth treatment is also becoming popular in USA. 

U225 can inject beauty ingredients into your skin at a high speed of 425 shots per minute. The use of ultra-fine 31G needles helps to minimize pain with the procedure. Also the amount of injection and the depth of puncture can be finely adjusted, which enables efficient and accurate treatment to yield good results.

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