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NAD+ infusion 

NAD+ infusion is one of the latest anti-aging treatments which are globally gaining attention.


The full name of NAD+ is “nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide” and it is an important coenzyme involved in various metabolic processes and bodily functions such as DNA repair. There are many roles such as health maintenance, rejuvenation, and dementia prevention. NAD+ is important for maintaining youth and health, but its level peaks in the late teens and then declines, and by the time you reach your 40s, it will drop to half of the peak, and you will gradually lose your youthfulness.


In Japan, recently, "NMN infusion" has become a hot topic as a rejuvenation treatment that activates the longevity gene (sirtuin gene), but at our clinic, NAD + itself, which is the active product converted from NMN in the body, is infused. By administering NAD+ directly into the blood vessels, the NAD+ concentration in the body can be efficiently increased, so a more reliable rejuvenating effect can be expected. In the United States, NAD+ infusion is more common than NMN infusion, and health-conscious people regularly administer it for the purpose of improving energy and preventing dementia, disease, and aging.

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