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Hair Removal

In our clinic, we perform two types of medical hair removal: IPL hair removal (light hair removal) and laser hair removal. It uses not only light and laser (diode), but also RF energy, so you can permanently remove hair regardless of skin color or hair color.

IPL hair removal (light based hair removal) is generally less painful than laser hair removal. Along with hair removal as treatments go on, the skin around the hair removal site will look improved at the same time. Because our machine also emits RF energy, it also reacts to areas with pigmentation and downy hair, so you can safely receive hair removal for those with delicate skin or difficult bikini lines.

Laser hair removal applies a strong energy of single wavelength using a diode. It's a sharp treatment, but pain associated with the procedure is generally tolerable. Since RF energy is also administered, it is also effective for downy hair. Repetitive irradiation is possible, and it is suitable for a wide range hair removal such as shin hair, arm hair, and armpit hair. ​ ​


We select the most suitable treatment method according to the desired area, range and condition of hair being treated.

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