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Indiva is a treatment that penetrates deep into the skin with a high-frequency heat effect, promotes blood circulation, and improves cell metabolism.

By sandwiching the body between two electrodes and applying high-frequency energy, frictional heat is generated by the resistance and movement of cell molecules, warming not only the surface of the body but also the deep part of the body. Blood circulation is promoted, lymph circulation is improved, and it has the effect of activating cells. By burning not only subcutaneous fat but also visceral fat, it is addressed to be effective not only for slimming effects such as reduction of abdominal circumference, but also for recovery of visceral functions.

It also has effects on the autonomic nervous system, and is thought to be effective in relieving stress and improving insomnia. When you receive Indiva treatment, your body warms up from the inside, so it feels so good that some people cannot help but fall asleep. Perfect for body and mind relaxation.


It is now a very popular therapy in Japan. It is a special treatment that can only be done at limited facilities in the United States.

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