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PRP stands for Platelet rich plasma. It is extracted from your own blood using a special kit developed by Regenlab. PRP skin regeneration therapy is an anti-aging treatment that rejuvenates the skin using the platelets contained in PRP.

Platelets gather in damaged blood vessels when tissue is damaged, and functions as repairing damaged blood vessels and surrounding tissues. When various growth factors and repair factors contained in platelets are released, collagen and hyaluronic acid increase, capillary new blood vessel formation are promoted and wound healing follows. Intradermal administration of this platelet-rich component results in skin rejuvenation via a similar mechanism.

The blood sampling method is the same as that of a normal blood test. The amount of blood collected is about 8-16ml per treatment. The collected blood is put in a dedicated centrifuge to separate the PRP components. The obtained plasma component is injected into the target facial area using a very fine needle.

Skin regeneration therapy with PRP is effective not only for facial wrinkles and sagging, but also for improving acne scars. It is also effective for fine wrinkles around the eyes, which have been difficult to treat due to thin skin.

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