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Voluma is a new type of filler developed by Allergan.

Nasolabial folds and marionette lines become more conspicuous with aging not only due to sagging of the skin around the mouth, but also changes in the shape of the upper cheekbones. As we age, subcutaneous fat is lost, the strength of facial muscles weakens, the protrusion of the skin on the cheek bones decreases, and the skin becomes sagging. As a result, gravity causes the underlying skin around the mouth to distort, causing sagging around the mouth and jaw. Voluma revives lost cheek shape.


When Voluma is injected into the cheek bone area, the muscle layer, subcutaneous fat and skin in that area are raised, and the underlying skin around the mouth and chin is lifted upward. As a result, nasolaial folds, marionette lines and sagging around the chin improve. After examining the overall face and cheek shape, the optimal injection site and amount are determined individually and a special cannula is carefully used for injection.


The effect can be seen immediately after injection. There is almost no downtime by bleeding or swelling. Because it has a special structure that is difficult to metabolize in the body, its effects usually last for one and a half to two years on average. Volume is recommended for those who are concerned about the sagging of the lower half of the face but do not want to undergo surgery such as a lift yet, and are hesitant about treatments with long downtime.

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